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technical data

housing dimensions

600 x 400 x 200 mm


filter housing

27.56 inches

power supply

230 V AC 50/60 Hz

operating voltage

about 250 watts

flow bypass

about 2 to 4 m³/h

circuit volume

minimum factor 5 ... 10

electrolytic purification module

chemical-free germ reduction

Permanent rainwater in tanks or circulation waters in air conditioning, humidification or open cooling systems are heavily contaminated with germs.
Benefiting from a warm climate in the environment or in the pipes form biofilms and legionella.
In addition to the intensive use of biocides, health hazards are possible.

With the electrolytic degermination, the water is microbiologically purified by up to 99% without external chemical additives, microorganisms harmful to health are greatly reduced and biofilms are removed.

The special feature of this cleaning method is that no additional chemicals have to be added into the circuit, so that the use in the long term is economical and ecological.

at a glance

  • controlled inline electrolysis with electric special filter in the bypass process
  • generation of oxygen and hydroxyl radicals as well as chlorine
  • precipitation by oxidation and crystallization processes
  • easy installation
  • permanent operational and functional control


  • fast and permanently clean water
  • cleaning of the complete system, incl. tubes and pipes
  • up to 99 % germ free
  • no chemically contaminated wastewater
  • no addition of chemicals
  • replacement of biofilms
  • low energy consumption
  • less heavy metals
  • less water hardness
  • more oxygen content

All further information can be found in our data sheet.

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