society for analytical and metrological systems


technical data

housing dimensions

400 x 250 x 160 mm

(W x H x D)

power supply

100 ... 240 Volt /

50 ... 60 Hz

operating voltage

about 20 watts


measuring range

0.05 ... 1 mS / cm,

range restriction according to the selection of the cell constant of the conductivity sensor


threshold value


within the measuring range

discharge valve


potential-free contact,

optional relay for switching the supply voltage for the discharge valve


monitoring of condensates

In steam boiler systems, it is important that sufficient amount of condensate is present with good quality. With the help of Kondensat-Control, continuous conductivity monitoring and targeted discharge control of contaminated condensates are carried out. Its constant control increases the process reliability and energy efficiency of the steam boiler system.

at a glance

  • range control of conductivity and temperature of the condensate
  • triggering of alarm and possibly control of the discharge valve
  • data storage in the electronic operating diary or USB stick
  • no use of indicators
  • continuous measurement


  • continuous monitoring of condensate flow
  • if the threshold value is exceeded, the alarm and control of the discharge valve occur
  • in case of the undercut of the threshold value, a service alarm occurs
  • visualization of measured values and manual control via display
  • optionally, networking with higher-level control centers and remote maintenance is possible

All further information can be found in our data sheet.

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