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open cooling circuits

Industrial water cycles are subject to a variety of process-related challenges. Above all, biological growth, contamination and corrosion must be contained or eliminated. To make matters worse is the diverse chemical composition of supplementary water. Usually, a rigid metered addition of chemicals is used here.

In the interests of an intact environment, however, the use of chemicals should be reduced and adapted to requirements, which ultimately reflects the lower operating costs.

The OFS solutions demand these high standards...

The degermination module is used for chemical-free microbial reduction in open process water circuits.

advantages at a glance:

  • no addition of disinfectants or biocides
  • fast and permanently clean water - 99.9% germ-free
  • cleaning of the complete system, incl. pipes and heat exchanger
  • replacement of biofilms
  • low energy consumption
  • up to 50-60% less heavy metals
  • up to 10% less water hardness
  • up to 20-30% more oxygen content
  • reduced wastewater pollution of toxins
  • easy commissioning and retrofitting
  • constant operational and functional control