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  • µdox - mobile handheld meter

    For mobile analysis of water quality directly on site. Measurement in the trace range comparable with the quality of high-quality laboratory equipment.

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  • Softcontrol Smart

    Constant monitoring of the soft water to increased water hardness concentrations. More process reliability with less maintenance.

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added value by innovation

added benefits by more ...

  • safety
  • reliability
  • efficiency
  • environmental friendliness


OFS Online Fluid Sensoric GmbH

OFS GmbH wants to ensure that industrial plants for water treatment as well as in hot, steam and cooling water sector are economical, secure and durable. For this purpose, devices for analyzing, monitoring and control of the systems are produced and distributed. Decades of experience as well as products and innovations tailored to the needs ensure the operational and process reliability of industrial plants.

Specifically, we offer the chemical-free monitoring and optimization of processes in hot and steam boiler plants and water softeners. We clean open cooling and process cycles without the use of chemicals. For industrial water treatment we offer customer-specific solutions.

features and benefits

The potentials of our products make your systems safer, your work easier and you save money. Our solutions lead to lower environmental impact while increasing efficiency.

save water

up to 25% less water consumption by intelligent monitoring

high security and efficiency

improved process reliability and efficiency with consistently high water quality

save costs

less energy, chemicals, maintenance and personnel costs

protection of facilities

with qualitative analysis no consequential damage due to hard water intrusion

green solution

environmental friendly and safe solution without chemical pollution of the environment


with quality-controlled regeneration of the product range Softcontrol


water analysis for industrial processes

our products are used in a variety of applications and industries:

monitoring of water softeners and reverse osmosis

OFS-Geräte bieten eine hohe Betriebs- und Prozesssicherheit durch eine vollautomatische Überwachung von Umkehrosmosen.

High operating and process reliability thanks to fully automatic operation - downstreamed systems such as steam boilers or reverse osmoses continuously receive softened water. The OFS devices guarantee this safety through the automatic operation and immediate signaling of threshold value exceedings and brine-shears, such as Softcontrol Data. Occasional hardness dips are therefore over.

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quality-controlled regeneration triggering

Durch eine qualitätsgesteuerte Regeneration mithilfe von OFS-Produkten werden die Probleme gelöst, die sich durch zeit- oder mengengesteuerte Regeneration ergeben.

The regeneration of water softeners in industrial plants is usually time or quantity controlled. The resulting problems are resolved with a quality-controlled regeneration. This results in several advantages.

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hot water and steam boiler systems

OFS-Produkte können Einsparpotentiale an Dampf- und Heisswasserkesseln erschließen.

For a smooth boiler operation, a good quality of the feed water is indispensable. In addition to protection against corrosion and deposits, uninterrupted saving potential are also available in the boiler house with continuous monitoring and appropriate control of the most important control parameters. OFS devices can exploit these saving potentials and thus contribute to the ecological handling of resources.

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open cooling circuits

OFS-Produkte bieten spezifische Lösungen zur Entkeimung von biologisch verunreinigten industriellen Wasserkreisläufen.

Industrial water cycles are subject to a variety of process-related challenges, such as biological growth, contamination, corrosion, and rigid dosing of chemicals. OFS products offer specific solutions.

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